05/05/2015 MBAA Weekly Meeting

Upcoming events:

  • Clubs mixer at 7:30 ready for tomorrow
  • May 14 Event ready for clubs
  • Doggie day
    • Contacts from Dan
  • Rank and match
    • Hold in MBAA room with food
  • Showcase Next Thursday
    • EOHSS submitted

Part time: Dan

  • Part timers want a referendum to make them pay fees
    • A number of students want to create a focus group
    • Needs 50 people to pass this
      • Going to sample 50-60 students
    • Timeline for referendum: earliest September-Jan; latest

Town hall:

  • J-Mac and Sue contacted (J-Mac can only come June 16th)
    • Event for operation on the 9th and J-Mac cant come
    • June 20th has a lot of midterms
  • Discussions with J-Mac and Sue about their expectations
  • DeGroote day is mandatory and those who cannot make it are to contact J-Mac


  • Golf event being re-envisioned to include more people
    • Changed to the boat cruise
    • Push back for Golf
    • How much money is in the budget to spend? à Yasir to look at historical costs
    • Possibility of setting up students with Alumni for golfing event
    • Date: July 11
  • SWC
    • Campus health fee: $59 à gives access to SWC
    • Needs to go to a referendum
  • Dental and Health: not best to go with GSA
    • Go with MSU plan
    • Possibility of an opt in option or opt out
      • Opt out option seems to be the best option

Clubs: (Cameron)

  • Communication between clubs was not efficient
    • Working with Bryce to create calendar on the website
    • Andrew Pieon wants to work with us to help with Clubs, MBAA and MASO events
  • Club fees
    • Clubs are not to charge fees
    • Finance did, but it was used for an event
    • Cameron to communicate this to clubs
      • Can provide a reason to have fees
    • Black and McDonald BBQ June 4th 1:30-2:30
      • Sell $10,000 worth of tickets
        • Cost: Tickets $10
        • Want to include McMaster community
        • Want to have presentations
      • When is vending machine coming?
    • Need a list of Events that do not have EOHSS forms done
      • Cameron to report back on this next week
    • Fun Fair
      • MBAA to collect money
      • DMI wants into the event
        • Entrepreneurs are running the event and Marketing is in there
      • Constitutional review committee meeting set for next week
        • Referendum to be completed this summer

Finance: Yasir

  • Finance meeting May 23rd

Communications: Bryce

  • Want to add an overall Calendar
  • Complaint page with a suggested solution
  • Permanent page about health information

President: Mike

  • CBCD Manger interviews going on this week and next
  • To talk to J-Mac about value added of mandatory Co-op meetings
    • Make these meetings about how to transition into different industry
  • Audit to happen in the fall semester of MBAA
  • Meeting with J-Mac and Sue to be scheduled this week

Not in attendance:

Carmen – Full time

Tiri – International

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