MBAA Policies and Guidelines

Resources on MBAA Policies and Guidelines

MBAA Constitution

The MBAA Constitution defines the purpose and responsibilities of the MBAA as an organization within the DeGroote School of Business.

Executive Duties and Operation Policy

The MBAA Executive shall form policies, prepare the strategic direction, and a budget of the Association in accordance to its purpose. The Executive Officers shall execute the adopted strategy throughout their terms. All Executive Officers shall transact all association business except for when such decisions violate the constitution or operating procedures of the association. This policy identifies the responsibilities for each of the members of the MBAA Executive.

Funding Policy

The MBA Association (MBAA) provides financial support to MBAA clubs, student interest groups, students and events. This policy provides a clear and consistent process for how MBAA funds initiatives.

Clubs Operations Policy

Clubs are excellent leadership opportunities for MBA students. They also enhance the student experience outside of the classroom, creating occasions for professional and personal development. The purpose of this policy is to provide clear direction and support for clubs and their Executives in the administration of their duties.

Executive Meeting Policy

MBAA Executive Meetings are a venue for discussion and decision making. This policy will identify clear directions for each of the members of the MBAA Executive on proper execution of regular meetings.

Office Guidelines

The MBA Association (MBAA) Office, located at the Ron Joyce Centre, is the workplace for all business of the MBAA and its affiliated clubs and committees. These guidelines are meant to ensure the space is used appropriately and respectfully.



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