Memorial Garden

MBAA_Memorial_GardenThe MBA program is a highly rewarding, yet intense and stressful time in a student’s life. We are all lucky to be a part of the DeGroote community, where we are supported by our friends, peers and teachers. Through the countless hours spent on campus, we have developed a nurturing, compassionate environment, and have grown into what many of us consider our second family.

To continue to foster the family atmosphere at the Ron Joyce Center, the MBA Association has created a memorial garden for the members of our family who have lost a loved one. The garden is here to remind our student family that although their loved ones may be gone, they will never be forgotten.  It is a symbol of the constant community support, love and empathy DeGroote students have for one another.

In memory of lost loved ones, DeGroote is offering engraved nameplates for $250. Our hope is that nameplates will be donated by a combination of friends, family, and fellow students.  Each nameplate includes a 36-letter phrase that can be customized in memory of each individual.  The garden will be maintained as a space for remembrance, tranquillity and reflection. If you know of a student who has lost a loved one and you would like to donate towards a nameplate for them, please email

The MBA Association would like to thank Martin Binkley for his generous support and time helping to make this initiative a reality.  He has kindly pledged several new trees and shrubbery to be planted in the garden this spring.

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